Headley House—Winchester, VA

Dining Room Design

While respecting the historic presence of Winchester, Virginia’s Headley House, today’s “family centric” Dining Room was meant to multi-task and to be enjoyed for multiple uses, rather than yesterday’s aesthetic of use for only special occasions.

A pale wall color of citron green, paired with a pale blue ceiling, lightened the room while visually enlarging the space. Hemlock green seating and earthy textured window treatments combined with traditional, contemporary, formal and rustic furnishings reflected a relaxed formality and the home’s rural heritage. The H-H monogram on the valences represented Headley House and honored the Headley family. (The draperies were purchased by the Headley family who has continued to make this a family home.)

This space was meant to welcome younger members of the family, as well as adults, for a variety of purposes: kids might use the dining table for homework, art or games. The paneled, screen on which the reverse side was finished with dry erase and chalk board paint was meant for children’s art work; while the room at other times might become an elegant venue for grown-ups’ dinner parties or hunt country “breakfasts.”

Together, sustainable materials and finishes paired with locally sourced furnishings and art created a room that was attractive, functional and friendly.

Nancy West was honored to have been chosen to design this space to benefit Blue Ridge Hospice and The Little Garden Club of Winchester.